Style Evolution

Moving.  Just the word is enough to make me shudder.

I have moved more times than I care to remember.  I have crisscrossed the US (twice) and the Atlantic.  My memories have been sorted, boxed and relocated. 

The result has been a style that has evolved to incorporate each new location.

I am no longer of a single place, but rather a melange of experiences.  

I love that bits of my old life now rest side by side with my new. 

An old trophy from the US now anchors a series of 1800’s French documents while another holds a collection of chippy white drums sticks from the Folies Bergere.

Once you fall in love with more than one place, your life is never the same.  Your heart belongs to more than one.

Wanderlust embeds itself deeply.  

Once it takes hold all you can do is enjoy the ride…..

…..and pick up a few souvenirs along the way!

….oh….50+ items just marked down in the shop.

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