RARE 1800s Museum Mannequin


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RARE-1800s Museum Mannequin

One of a kind mannequin that came from a now shuttered private museum in Paris.

Mannequin is of the Napoleon III style and dates to the later portion of the 1800’s. This piece features fully movable arms which are a rare find.  A wonderful size, this beauty stands at 4.5′ tall.

Body and hands are of the old ‘carton bouilli’ composition.  Similar in nature to papier mâché, this method produces a much sturdier and solid base.  Each surface of the item was covered in a plaster/gesso mixture and sanded down for a fine finish before being painted.

Boots (lower sections), neck covering, fully movable arms and inner ‘sockets’ are all wooden.  The piece is able to stand independently.  Arms are finished with a carved wooden screw type end that allows the hands to be removed.

138 cm t x 54 w at outer arm/shoulder connection.  Mannequin is 11kg and thus ships in the higher weight category.  Additional items weighing 5-6 kg (providing they are safe to add) can ship with mannequin for no additional shipping fee.

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Weight 11 kg