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To calculate shipping for any item

1 – simply add the item(s) to your shopping cart.

2- once item(s) are in the cart, scroll down and click the “Calculate Shipping” line item in the CART TOTALS section

3 –  choose the country where the items will be shipped

4 – press “Update Totals” and the applicable shipping will be displayed

If you are ready to checkout you can proceed on or you can choose to return and continue shopping.


Basis for Shipping Rates

We ship via France’s postal system and rates are based on weight tables as of 1/1/2016.

For overseas destinations (non EU countries) there are 2 methods of shipping: envelope and package.

   Envelope rates are less expensive but only available for items that do NOT exceed 3 cm at the narrowest point.
Envelope rates do NOT include tracking, but it can be purchased separately.

   Package rates are required for all items exceeding 3cm, regardless of weight.
Package rates include full online tracking services.

Banking Purchases

We offer the option of holding (banking) purchases for up to 6 weeks.  We will combine banked items, as long as safety allows, and refund any cost overage via Paypal.

To bank purchases, email us at with ‘Hold Purchase‘ as the subject.  When you are ready for your items, just email and we will prepare them for shipment.

Shipping tiers
Weight tiers for items greater than 3 cm thick and/or packages exceeding 2 kilos are as follows:

0        to     .5 kg
.5       to       1 kg
1        to       2 kg
2        to      5 kg
5        to     10 kg
10      to     20 kg
max weight for international shipping
10      t0     30kg
max weight for France & Europe