Reading an Egg & other French Life Hacks

Reading an egg & other French life hacks

…this was not something that I anticipated typing out in my life time.


Moving abroad brought experiences far beyond the anticipated language related challenges.

Who knew that eggs were stamped with markings that denoted the quality and region of each……


……or chickens were to be chosen not just for the weight and freshness but for their region and/or color……


…..that shopping carts did not roam freely inside the store, just waiting to be snapped up if left unattended for too long….


Adjusting to the small daily tasks was by far the most difficult part of the journey.

It’s as if everything familiar had to be erased in order to appreciate what was and is to come.


To live in France means to pay attention to the small details.

You should always have a 1€ piece in your pocket as a shopping cart can only be obtained by by inserting a coin to release the locking mechanism.

You learn the quality of an egg and the flavor of a chicken by reading and talking to the vendors.

Nothing has been easy, yet everything is simple…..and look I forward to it more and more each day.

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