A French Woman’s Little Black Book

A French Woman’s Little Black Book


Every French woman has one.

It is what allows her to look chic and perfectly coiffed, to host the most magnificent of dinners and to be the consummate hostess.

This carnet d’adresses contains the detail of every boutique, seamstress, butcher, winery, florist, salon and food shop she holds dear.


French society post monarchy was based on equalizing the population.  Never again would the classes be at such extreme odds.

However being equal doesn’t have to mean that all things are equal and no one knows this more than a French woman.

To share a name with you is a sign of respect….of letting you in to her circle of trust.  It doesn’t happen easily and it definitely does not happen if you ask.

You must be patient.


France is a word of mouth country.

Many of the best places to eat, sleep and shop are not found on the internet.  These are locations whose names are passed along verbally.  Their reputations have been built over time and they have a steady, comfortable pace of business.

In other words, they are happy with what they have and prefer to retain the quality and service that they are known for.

To find these sources you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to unearth them.


Do I have my own carnet d’adresses?  Absolument.

It was built up over years of travel and refined by years of living here.

The time spent driving around France allows me to scout out and test possible additions.  Some addresses make it in to my book.  Many do not.

After all, a French woman must keep her standards high, n’est ce pas?

All photos via my french life board.

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Home From the Hunt

Home from the hunt.

imageAll images via FleaingFrance on Instagram

France is a beautiful country.  From the gentle rolling hills to the stunning blue skies, there is beauty around every turn…..but not always cell and/or wifi service.

I love scouring brocantes and out of the way places for treasures…..but I also love getting back to my own surroundings.

I’m looking forward to a lazy weekend…..coffee, puppy time and catching up on things.

There will be more photos to come next week so be sure to check back.

New items are in the shop and there are more to come on Sunday.

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Around Here

Around Here

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Ready for the weekend?

I am.  It’s nice to finally be over being sick and I’m looking forward to heading out in the Provencal countryside again.

Much is happening here and I will be sharing as things progress.  Our time in the city is finally winding down and I am already dreaming of the countryside.

Next week starts a buying trip that will take us to Paris, Normandy and the Loire Valley.  I love being on the road and going wherever the road and whim takes us.  Traveling with a friend makes it all the better.

Follow along with us on Instagram for daily doses of our journey.

The shop is loaded with new finds, with more to come over the weekend.

Happy Weekend!

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