French Creativity

French Creativity

French Creativity

There are SO many things to be found in a brocante.  So many things whose original purpose were unknown to me.

I choose and buy based on a feeling.  Whatever I am drawn to and fits within an aesthetic that I am going for is fair game.

Bringing in a load of finds and cleaning, debugging (often) and repairing them is all part of the process and allows me to relive the excitement of the original find.  Arranging them or working them in to vignettes is the icing on my brocante cake.

What often bursts my brocante bubble (and what I wasn’t prepared for) is the literal nature and lack of imagination that can exist here.  Please understand that I am not saying that they aren’t creative, because they are, very much so.

French creativity often follows the path of their ancestors and traditional pursuits. Painting, masters in carving, gilding, needlework and the list goes on and on.  The creative arts are celebrated here far more than anywhere else in the world, with the possible exception of Italy.

What I am referring to is the use of something in a form other than what it was originally intended for…..and that is splashed all over my decorating world.

The Joys of ‘Out of the Box’

That ‘out of the box’ thinking that is so prevalent in the US (and other younger countries) is what I miss.  We have no history when it comes right down to it, so we make our own way.  We consider anything early 1900’s to be antique.  Should you stumble on something from the late 1800’s it is a small miracle and one to be greatly celebrated.  1700’s?  That is reserved for museums.

I miss that spirit. Oh how I miss that!…..and it grows more and more so as time goes on.

I love that an antique mirror frame is just as precious to us without the glass.  It is celebrated and proudly displayed, chips and all.  The question I am most often asked here is ‘why do you have that frame without a mirror?’.

This has been one of the greatest hurdles in adjusting to my life here.  Luckily I have cultivated a group of French dealers with a similar approach.  They feed my creativity and my soul.  I am thankful for them each and every time I am graced with their presence.

As I think of the future and what I want to do with the possibility of a week long group shopping trip, this concept is front and center in my plans.

The Brocante Society

Many of you have seen the phrase “Brocante Society” used in my blog and social media sites.  This is the where that comes in to play.

I want these trips to be the embodiment of that concept.  A group of creative souls that embrace and thrive on the thrill of the adventure.  One that shares and motivates those that participate to grow and expand their creativity.  One that allows all to be more enthused when they return to their own homes and lives.

Sound interesting?  If you are wanting to learn, to see France, to visit brocantes, drink wine, eat wonderfully fresh food and bask in the French sunshine (disclaimer—this could end up being rain—after all it is France….) then get on the list.

Things are about to start happening!

….and NEW items will be in the shop Friday evening!

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