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Christmas in France

Christmas in France

The Christmas season is officially in full swing in France.

Tree stands are popping up on street corners and in shopping center parking lots.

christmas tree

Streets are illuminated by banners of twinkling lights.

Food shops are full of champagne, chocolates and holiday delicacies.


All of this activity leads to the calm that will follow.  The weeks following Christmas will be among the most tranquil of the year.


Much of France will be on holiday.

The shop will be open between Christmas and New Years but items will not be shipped until after the holidays.

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Celebrating Christmas Holidays

Celebrating Christmas Holidays is on everyone’s mind.

They are coming…..

….and far more quickly than I am prepared for.

Celebrating Christmas Holidays

In the US, December is filled with parties and activities……

…..that happen before Christmas.

Celebrating Christmas holidays in France is a bit different.

Almost everything begins on Christmas…

and the festivities continue on through the weekend of Epiphany.

Celebrating Christmas Holidays

These are the literal Twelve Days of Christmas…..

…..and they are widely celebrated in Europe.

The time is filled with parties, dinners, and then wrap up with Gateau des Rois.

Celebrating Christmas Holidays

The next few weeks are a busy time for us all….

….take a deep breath and dive in.

Enjoy this festive season!

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Views of France

Views of France…..the road trip is winding down and I am flipping through images taken over the past days.

From quaint village bistros


to stunning XVIIIeme interiors


to the chicness of Paris


and the charm of the countryside.


It’s always nice to have a moment to stop and take another look at what has been captured during the journey.


Today is the last free day in Paris and it coincides with the European holiday commemorating the end of WWII.

Being in Paris for the occasion brings an entirely different perspective to the day.

4+ years of occupation is something most of us can not fully comprehend.

Souviens Toi

Happy weekend to all….


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