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Living Authentically – What Does it Mean to You

Living Authentically – What Does it Mean to You?

Moving to France meant basically started over with everything.

Shopping was a guilty pleasure and I reveled in all the amazing places that I could immerse myself creatively.

FleaingFrance Living Authentically

About a year and half ago I received an email that made me stop and ask myself the question that led to this post.  A request to source 100 vintage white plates for a Los Angeles restaurant made me challenge my way of living.

Was I living authentically (or my version of that) and if not, why wasn’t I doing this for myself as well?

I decided to take inventory of what I had wanted to accomplish when I first set out to create FleaingFrance.

My goal was to indulge in and share my love of French vintage treasures with those in other parts of the world.  I wanted to create an environment and live a life style that was true to that goal.  I decided then and there to begin to adhere to that mission statement.

My first challenge to myself was that I would not buy anything new for my home unless I could not find something I liked better in the brocante.

In other words, I decided to live my brand.

How to go about making a change?

One of my qualifications was to stick to a particular color palette and that wasn’t the easiest of tasks to accomplish.

Cookware proved to be the most difficult item to find and that lasted for well over a year.

Luckily, a last minute stop in Lyon after a weekend of sourcing provided a gold mine of finds.  Voila, my kitchen was well stocked and at a fraction of the cost of a single new item.

FleaingFrance-Living Authentically

Was it easy to break my old habits?  I can not tell you how many times I would catch myself picking up a new bowl or plate that caught my eye.  It was a habit.  After a few times it was easy to question, do I really need this or would I rather put that money in to a piece of antique faience?

The latter option always won out and now I am rarely tempted (Astier de Villatte and Anthropologie initial mugs are my exceptions to that rule ) to even look at new.

Unexpected Benefits to ‘Living Authentically’

The one thing that I didn’t expect was how much I love walking in to my kitchen.

I am greeted with the view of stacks of old white faience plates, platters and bowls of ironstone, antique silver cutlery and clear wavy glasses lined up on the shelves.

I’ve found that I even enjoy the cleaning process.  Washing vintage pieces and seeing the patina that develops with each and every use makes me happy.  I like knowing that every piece has a story behind it….and will have history added to it long after me.

FleaingFrance Living Authentically

Mostly I am proud that I was able to change my buying habits (and how simple it was) and start living the way I originally set out to.

Living Authentically….. authentically French, authentically vintage and authentically me.

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January-Off With a Bang

January-Off With a Bang

Happy New Year to you all.  I hope that your holidays were long and relaxing.


Are you ready for the new year?  It has started off at a rapid pace here in Provence.

Shopping seems to be on everyone’s mind and the requests are coming in for dates all the way through next fall.


If you are thinking of making a trip and want to shop in Paris, Provence or the countryside anywhere in between, be sure to reserve early.  It’s going to be a busy year.


We have loads of new items that will be coming to the shop in the coming weeks, as well as a warehouse full of treasures not yet listed.  Be sure to get on the shop update list to be notified before the general public when new items go online.  …..and YES, we ship worldwide.


Coming to Provence and want to visit?  Just drop me an email and we will schedule a time for you to visit and shop the warehouse in person.

Want to know when new items are added to the shop?  Just click to get on the list.

Happy 2016!

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Fall Brocante

Fall Brocante

I really enjoy brocantes in the fall.


The air is cooler, the winds calmer and the crowds smaller.

It’s nice to be able to stroll through the booths at a relaxed pace, not worrying about finishing up before the intense heat kicks in.


Almost all brocantes in France have food.  The fall brings a multitude of seafood, all of it fresh.


Brocantes and food?  The perfect way to spend a day in France.

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