Shop the Brocantes & Boutiques of France

Whether you are flying in to Paris for a quick trip, longing to tour the Loire Valley or just heading south for the sunshine of Provence, we are happy to be of service.


Buyers, designers, tour groups and those that prefer a more individualized day of shopping, we work with them all.

A variety of options and itineraries are available, all based on how you dream of spending time in France.

Trips range from ‘brocante mornings’ to multi day bookings.  Our stops span from the treasure laden brocantes to the small boutiques that makes France so special!

Want to see the tourist sites or create a custom itinerary and explore on your own?  It’s all possible.

Can’t make it France, but are dying for something French and fabulous?  Peek in to the Brocante and browse, dream or have a treasure sent home especially for you.

Whatever your choose, we are happy to help make your dream of shopping or visiting France a reality!


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