Around Here

Dear Blog…..hello.  It’s been a while.

So, we’ve finally moved and the stress and chaos involved is almost (does it really ever end…..) over.

We (me) are in the process of settling in to an early 1700s hotel particulier.  I’m in love with the soaring ceilings and open spaces not to mention the original cobbled stone courtyard at the center of the building.

Being in a smaller village is a welcome change of pace.  One of my favorite things is wandering the narrow streets and seeing history before it has been covered up or remodeled.  Seeing buildings that date back to medieval times amazes me and I love every minute of it.

In addition to everything else that is happening, a showroom space for the shop is in the works.  Those visiting Provence and wanting a taste of the brocantes will be able to get their fix in between weekend events.  The space will be ready by June 1….but May is the real goal.

If you are wanting to stop by to shop be sure to let us know as visits are by request. We are within 15 minutes of St Remy de Provence and 20 minutes of Avignon and Arles.

Be sure to follow along with our daily inspiration on Instagram and I will work on popping in here a bit more frequently!


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